About Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) allows individuals and their families to obtain citizenship or permanent residence by:

  • making a payment into the National Transformation Fund; or
  • making a payment towards an approved project in Grenada

It has been re-established by the Citizenship-by-Investment Act, No. 15 of 2013 passed by the Grenadian parliament. In order to preserve integrity and value of Grenadian citizenship a strict protocol has been established in which application is by invitation only. All applicants, including family members and business partners, must be individually vetted and approved by the Government of Grenada.

Interested parties in the Grenada CBI program are required to work through a CBI licensed Marketing Agent. The role of the Marketing Agent is to provide information on the Program, the Investment, and to act as the liaison between the Investor and the Local Agent and Escrow Agent. The Local Agent also acts as Escrow Agent under the Program and will provide you with the terms of their engagement regarding the services to be rendered to you. The Marketing Agent may also provide assistance in ensuring accurate completion of the required forms and supporting documents which are to be submitted to the CBI Committee by a Local Agent. In addition, the Marketing Agent will also provide information pertaining to CBI approved real estate developments.

Acceptance of Forms

The completed forms will be submitted only if they are properly completed, dated, signed, and accompanied by all the necessary documents and fees.

Application Examination

Once the application and all supporting documents are deemed complete by the local agent, and you have satisfied all obligations set by the local agent and escrow agent, the completed application is submitted to the CBI Committee which will conduct its own independent due diligence process.

Escrow Account Funding

Prior to submission of the application and supporting documentation, the full investment, processing, due diligence, application, local agent and escrow agent fees must be funded into an escrow account at either Scotia Bank (Bank of Nova Scotia), RBTT (Royal Bank of Canada) or Republic Bank Grenada . The escrow account is not controlled or managed by the developer, marketing agent, nor Government of Grenada and is administered by a CBI licensed Local Agent and escrow agent.

Escrow Process

Upon receipt of funds (fees and investment capital) and on acceptance of all documentation required for the application submission, the escrow agent will be authorized to release funds for payment of all processing, due diligence, and application fees due to the Committee at the time of submission. Applicants will receive a complete fee schedule during the application process and prior to funding the escrow account.

Refund of Escrowed Funds

In the event that the application for citizenship is rejected, the investment capital held in escrow by the escrow agent is refunded to the investor. Processing, due diligence, application, local agent and escrow agent fees are non-refundable.

Due Diligence Checks

The Committee may engage the services of an independent individual(s) or a professional organization to conduct due diligence on the applicant and other dependents.


Within sixty (60) business days or more from the submission of a complete application for Permanent Residence or Citizenship by Investment, the Committee shall notify in writing to the Local Agent on behalf of the main applicant of the decision made regarding the application.

Application Approval

Following written notification of the approval of an application, a Certificate will be issued confirming Grenadian citizenship. An applicant who is granted citizenship will need to take an oath of or affirmation of allegiance in the form contained in the Schedule to the Citizenship. The new citizen along with his/her associated family member(s) and dependents can immediately apply for a Grenadian passport.

Costs and Fees

The following information is provided as an overview of the costs associated with the real estate investment option of the citizenship by investment programme in Grenada. Costs vary based on the investment option, number of family members, and more. For a more detailed analysis of costs and fees, please contact us.

Minimum Real Estate Investment $350,000 USD
Government Fee for a Family of 4 $50,000
Application Fee (Per Person) $1,500
Processing Fee (Per Person) $1,500
Escrow Agent Fee $5,000
Passport Fee (Per Person) $250
Oath of Allegiance Fee (Per Person) $20
Permanent Residence Fee (Per Person) $1,000
Bank Fee (plus VAT) 1%
Due Diligence (Per Person) $5,000
Due Diligence – Dependents 12-17 (Per Person) $2,000

Summary of Required Documents

  • Ten (10) current passport size photographs in colour per applicant;
  • Colour copy of ALL passports possessed (first 3 and last 3 pages of each);
  • Colour copy of ALL current national identity cards;
  • Certified copy of marriage and divorce certificates (if applicable);
  • Original Professional and Bank Reference
  • Registration form for use of Electronic Signatures
  • Application Form
  • Application for Citizenship; (to include if applicable, Affidavit of Support for each dependent over the age of 18 except the spouse, and or Affadavit in Support of Dependent-Parent)
  • Privacy and Information release forms.
  • Education and Employee History
  • Original Police Certificate and Criminal Records Verification;
  • Original or certified Birth or Adoption Records; (including documents to support any change of name);
  • Medical Health Certification (to include HIV test result); and
  • Statement of Source of Funds form; (to include financial statements evidencing statement of worth and source of funds);

Your Local Agent will provide you with a more detailed list of the required forms and documents for the application, which are summarized in short form above.

The application forms must be completed in English and accompanied by the documents listed immediately above and presented in original form, or, in the case where it is a certified copy as attested by a Notary Public, it must be authenticated by apostille or its jurisdictional equivalent.

Please note that these requirements may be changed by the government of Grenada which is the sole regulator of the Citizenship by Invesment program.