About Grenada

Blessed with perfect year-round weather and encompassing a little over 130 square miles of deeply fertile soil, Grenada is known as “The Spice Isle” for its cultivation of a wide variety of spices including nutmeg and cinnamon. Your day can be filled with the exciting adventures you will have exploring the island’s verdant rain forests, visiting deserted islands, touring local plantations, tubing down its mountain rivers, snorkeling its world famous coral reefs, deep sea fishing and diving on sunken ships, and enjoying its vibrant nightlife and festivals.

Grenada is where all that you have worked for at last enables you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Grenadians are extremely cheerful by nature. Or maybe it’s all that nature offers here that makes them that way.

The People of Grenada

Grenadians have much to be cheerful about, starting with their lush island’s spectacular and varied natural beauty that contributes to Grenada’s reputation as the gem of the West Indies. Then there’s the consistently lovely, mild weather and trade winds due to Grenada’s proximity to the equator.

Plus, it’s almost impossible to ever be bored on this island of gorgeous golden beaches, countless waterfalls in verdant rain forests and beautiful coral reefs.

So while this is indisputably one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful places, it is the people of Grenada who truly make it the gem it is.

Grenada Facts

  • Location: Eastern Caribbean
  • Capital City: Saint George’s
  • Total Area: 344km2
  • Time Difference: UTC-4
  • Language: English (official), French Patois
  • Religion:
    Roman Catholic: 53%;
    Anglican: 13.8%;
    Other Protestant: 33.2%
  • Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD), pegged to USD
  • Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 2.70 XCD
  • GDP (Per Capita): $13,800 USD
  • Population: 110,152
  • Age Structure:
    0-14 yrs: 24.5%;
    15-24 yrs: 16.5%;
    25-54 yrs: 40.3%;
    55-64 yrs: 9.2%;
    65+ yrs: 9.2%